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First records

The coat of arms
The document of coat of arms. Bratislava is the only town, which had two exemplars of its document of coat of arms.

Great seal
Great Seal

  The first record mentioning the town is from the year 907, noted in the Solnohradske papers - Brezalauspruch. In the 10th century,the Bratislava fortress became the King's residence and the border of the newly established Hungarian empire. The village at the foot of the castle became an important market-place and craftsmen's haven which fast became a town.In 1291, when Andrew II gave the town special status, this transition was complete.   The town's territory gradually expanded, its suburbs growing larger. During this period, Bratislava became one of the most significant towns in the empire. Its castle was fotified by King Sigmund, in the 15th century. In 1430, it was given the privilege of its own mint. In 1436 was issued by king Sigmund the document of coat of arms.
Bratislava City, Slovakia