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The building of Comenius University

  University education is an old tradition in Bratislava. As was already mentioned, the Academia Istropolitana was the first centre for the Humanities. A Lutheran College was established in 160 and a Jesuit College in 1626. The Law School was moved from Trnava to Bratislava and in 1783, the first General Seminary was opened followed in 1850 by the first liberal arts school. In 1919, when Comenius University began, there were only three faculties: Law, Medicine and Philosophy. Today, it also includes the faculties of Pedagogy, Mathematics/Physics, Natural Sciences, Pharmacology, and Management. In 1940, the Business School was openend, and in 1949 the School of Fine Arts and the Conservatory. Bratislava's second university, the Slovak Technical University, began in 1938. Religious schools include the Roman Catholic College, Cyril and Method College, and the Lutheran University.

  Today Bratislava is the youngest Capital in Europe.

Bratislava City, Slovakia